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Holiday & Travel, Expats & Backpackers & Kibbutz & Moshav Friends Reunited. Even Pen Pals & Red Coats are in.

Travel & Holiday Friends Reunited

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The following LostAmigos were in Kibbutz Mizra around about 1976 +/- 2 years.

Brad Goren (Brad), American 1974
Seeking: Peter Sklar Peter Sklar , Ivy, Beth, Marcy, Ophira, Gil
Frank Arthur, Irish (Nothern) 1974
Seeking: Barbara Us
Nathan Levy, Usa, Israel 1974
Seeking: Anyone From 1974-1992
Annie Mcdowall, English 1975
Seeking: Laurie Foodim Steve Gerber Lennart Nyckling Gabriella Gripp Tamar Reuveini
Debbie Pond (sternbach), American 1975
Deke Branchaud-Linsk, American 1975
Seeking: Don Sokolsky, Elka,
Seeking: Lennart Nyckling, Irené Agerkvist
Joe Safdie, American 1975
Seeking: Judy Wiener
Joe Safdie, American 1975
Seeking: Nathan Levy Judy Weiner Lennart
Lennart Nyckling (Lenny), Swedish 1975
Lennart Nyckling (Lenny), Swedish 1975
Seeking: Anyone Who Might Know Me From The Kibbuts Or Otherwise
Paul And Peg Elliott, English 1975
Seeking: All Volunteers 1974/1975
Paul And Peg Elliott, English 1975
Seeking: Volunteers
Jim Tuch (Jimmy), American 1976
Seeking: David Conway Randy Sharon Or Anyone Else
Jimmy Tuch, 1976
Seeking: David Conway, Sharon, Randy, Gil
Victor Nudelman (Zeev Nathan), Brazilian 1976
Seeking: Barril
Bethy Levy, American 1977
Cindy Bergman, American 1977
Seeking: Marika Haytema - Dutch Suzie Cutler- American Jean Pierre Froehlich-French
David White, English 1977
Seeking: Keith (found) Suzy Shelley Mordecai (found)
LeugersCrew LeugersCrew (Teresa Harmon), 1977
Seeking: Nadine Sulivan
Mordecai Finley, American 1977
Seeking: David White
Rick Sahar (Rick), New Zealander / Kiwi 1977
Seeking: Jodi Magnusson
Stuart (Shlomo) Wollman (Shlomo), American 1977
Seeking: Anyone Who Remembers Me From The Ulpan And Volunteers (worked In Kitchen)
Debbie Pond (sternbach), American 1978
Debbie Pond (sternbach), American 1978
Seeking: Gill Phillips Malcolm Evan Sherrie Fenella Alan H. Neal K. And Anyone Else!!

We found 58 .First   Prev   [1]  2  3  Next   Last   

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