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Holiday & Travel, Expats & Backpackers & Kibbutz & Moshav Friends Reunited. Even Pen Pals & Red Coats are in.

Travel & Holiday Friends Reunited

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The following LostAmigos were in Kibbutz Kfar HaHoresh around about 1985 +/- 4 years.

Elly Kooijman, Dutch 1981
Seeking: Brain, Bernie, Jeamie, Loz, Kevin, Wayne, And Alll The Others!
Julie Levinson (Julie), American 1981
Seeking: Yoav Gordon
Lawrence West (Loz), English 1981
Seeking: Elly Mariane Who Ever
Lawrence West (Loz), English 1981
Seeking: Elly Mariane Who Ever
Marian Den Blanken (Grazy Dutch ), Dutch 1981
Seeking: Bernie (london) Brian Lawrence (shewsbury) Gail (australia) Hillary And Sheela Billie Andre (zwolle) Glenn
Mark English, English 1981
Seeking: Marianne And Elly (dutch) Corrinne Mccrum Sheila & Hilary Andreas Anyone Who Remembers Me! I Was The Youngest (18) And From Liverpool!
Wayne Harrison, British 1981
Seeking: Bernie Hannon Elly Kooyman Marion Denblanken Glen Bodie
wayne julie, 1981
Seeking: berni hannon jamie valentine glen brodie
Patrick Boening (Pat), Canadian 1983
Seeking: Yaron, Claudia, Bernd Lehmann, Ranan Brachfeld,Nissim, Chris Jackson, Simon Altman, Bill,
Simon Dorras, English 1983
Seeking: Chris Bomber Jackson
Sue Hobson, English 1983
Seeking: Chris Jackson (uk) Kevin (uk) Rob & Gay (nz) Don & Pepo (swiss) The Danish Girls Johnathan
Sue Page, New Zealander / Kiwi 1983
Seeking: Jonathan Roberts (eng) Kevin Wood (eng) Chris Jackson (eng) Claudia (ger) Bodo (ger)
Sue Page, New Zealander / Kiwi 1983
Seeking: Jonathan Roberts (uk) Souray-Ya Martin(uk) Kevin Wood(uk) Chris Jackson(uk) Simon(uk) Bodo (germany)
Caroline Stenstrã¶m, Swedish 1984
Seeking: Rutger Lotta Wall Charlotte Möller Kim Chatterley Twan Straten Tomas
Ed Ed (Ed), 1984
Jean Wilkinson, English 1984
Seeking: Other Volunteers
julie close, 1984
Leni (nilsson) Re, Swedish 1984
Seeking: Volunteers
Martina Kritz, German 1984
Seeking: Volonteers
Rutger Van Aken, Dutch 1984
Seeking: Swedish Friends And Others
Twan Straten, 1984
Seeking: Who not....?
Anders Svensson, Swedish 1985
Seeking: Brian Mcdougall
Bernardo Katz, Mexican 1985
Seeking: Annemary Lynnot

We found 53 .First   Prev   [1]  2  3  Next   Last   

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