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Holy Moly I know this dude!
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Statistics• Confirmed: True
• Joined: 16 October 2007
• Is Online: False


Margaret Mckenzie

Margaret's Trips & Places
Africa Africa (all Over), Africa - (6) joined: 16/10/2007 12:34:54
Looking for: Eddie, Mike, Belinda, Bev, Joy, Larry, Yvonne.
Kenya Nairobi, Kenya, Kenya - (4) joined: 16/10/2007 12:58:58
Looking for: Eddie, Belinda, Bev, Joy, Yvonne, Larry, Ian, Mike.
Kenya Nairobi, Kenya - (6) joined: 26/02/2008 11:09:10
Looking for: Belinda, Mike, Ian. Bev, Joy, Yvonne, Larry, Ed,

Meanwhile in the same Year: The first reports of homosexual men dying due to a mysterious breakdown of the bodies' immuminzation system. Becomes known as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, AIDS. ...more

A bit about Margaret:
Australian, female living in Camden, Nsw .

Teaching and sometimes travelling. Still!! married to David. We are looking forward to being grey nomads and travelling around our beautiful country (again)

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