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Holy Moly I know this dude!
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Statistics• Confirmed: True
• Joined: 03 May 2006
• Is Online: False


Ellen Rowles

Ellen's Trips & Places
Israel Kibbutz Hatzor, Israel - (121) joined: 03/05/2006 00:56:45
Looking for: Susan Mason Garin Nirim Bet Amy Goldberg

Meanwhile in the same Year: CAT Computerized Axial Tomography scanning is developed in England. ...more
Israel Kibbutz Adamit, Israel - (96) joined: 03/05/2006 01:03:09
Looking for: Sherry

Meanwhile in the same Year: Who Shot JR? is talked about from the TV show Dallas. On November 21, the conclusion draws more viewers than any other show in TV history up to that point. ...more

A bit about Ellen:
American, female living in East Longmeadow .

ER nurse.........where is garin nirim bet?

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