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Holiday & Travel, Expats & Backpackers & Kibbutz & Moshav Friends Reunited. Even Pen Pals & Red Coats are in.


Statistics• Place Type: Kibbutz/Moshav
• Photos: 92
• Amigos: 110
• No of Visits: 48220
• Last Visit: 19/09/2021 13:23:00
• Last Post: 25/01/2017 21:04:00
From whenst they came

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Kibbutz Neve Ur

Israel Middle East
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Celeste, Sandra, Claire,Nancy,Russel Where are U? I live in Stockholm.Been desperately trying to get in touch.if that's O K. Would be real nice.Please do answer... read on.
Posted by: Jim Bridgewater Comments: 1

Hi Jane ,I am still in Skipton. I have only just found this site .I dont know if you use it any more but it would be nice to get back in touch.... read on.
Posted by: Viv Easton Comments: 1

I remember the Kibbutz very friendly. Nice people. Handsome and gentle. I look for a girl. I met in this time. Her name is Lulu.... read on.
Posted by: Klaus Lutz Comments: 0

Ron, please answer this thread. We need you back... read on.
Posted by: Shimon Schreiber Comments: 1

Hi Just discovered this place Will be in touch Guy... read on.
Posted by: Guy Darby Comments: 4

is jake still working in the dairy? Is there still a dairy? Or a zipper factory?... read on.
Posted by: Jeff Korda Comments: 0

Hi Suzanne, I will add my work email address to this message. I am still having problems replying to any message apart from my own. Whilst you were at Neve Ur do you remember a ... read on.
Posted by: Jane Baxendale Comments: 0

Hi Suzanne, how great it is to hear from you. I have tried to contact Neve Ur but I don't think they are on the internet. I remember before I left in 83 you had ... read on.
Posted by: Jane Baxendale Comments: 3

Hi, Alfredo (and other interested parties!). Can't seem to reply to you directly (I tried); guess we're meant to have an open chat before we exchange addresses. Well, how amazing to reconnect with you after ... read on.
Posted by: Sandra Rabinovitch Comments: 0

Hello there... No idea to whom I´m adressing to. Is this a chat session? Is this the way to swap an email adress? Actually all what I want is to get my friend, Sandra Rabinovicht, ... read on.
Posted by: Alfredo Lascoutx Comments: 0

It looks like an error occured when you registered your details, it just keeps coming up blank, look back over it and see what you can do. If not send me your email through Sinbad... read on.
Posted by: Kim Joyce Comments: 0

I do remember you two and would love to contact you but Ive tried several times to reply and it wont allow me. Have you registered your details?? I have lots to chat about. Im ... read on.
Posted by: Kim Joyce Comments: 2

any body got erics address (rsa)99.or jay n craigs(rsa)93.i know its a long shot but hey you never know.also pye n josie fact anybody get in touch. joeboy. yalla, bye.... read on.
Posted by: Joe Ascroft Comments: 0

Please post those special moments and messages here... read on.
Posted by: Lostamigos Admin Comments: 0

Please post those special moments and messages here... read on.
Posted by: Lostamigos Admin Comments: 0


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