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Statistics• Place Type: Kibbutz/Moshav
• Photos: 80
• Amigos: 297
• No of Visits: 58470
• Last Visit: 28/05/2018 05:57:00
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Kibbutz Sarid

Israel Middle East
Kibbutz Sarid Amigos . Recognise anyone?
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The last time we were in Sarid we were candidates for membership of the kibbutz and that was in 1978. The first time I was in Sarid was in 1974 in the Ulpan and my ... read on.
Posted by: Patricia & Peter Norden Comments: 0

Posted by: Pierre Bantjes Comments: 0

(near)...This Monday 2:pm (Israel) "Voices of other times" No. 7 is now here to stay :) Special "America" on my next show. Enjoy the best & keep the rest...... read on.
Posted by: Reuven Lev Comments: 1

You old guitar-molester! Great to get in touch. You can also reach me on morten.jepsen[followed by this funny a-thing you put in that kind of messages] read on.
Posted by: Morten Jepsen Comments: 0

Hi i was in the oulpan in 1978/ 1979 with Jonathan, Ilan, Claudia, Ellen, and so much more our oulpan director was ZVI May be you know somebody from there? Contact me, I'll be really ... read on.
Posted by: Benitah William Comments: 2

Hi Milan. I wrote several messages to you, wonder if you got them? Now I try this chat instead. You know, Vibeke is also looking for you.... Hope to hear from you soon. /Monica.... read on.
Posted by: Monica Salimanov Comments: 0

Hi again Ed. Apparently I have a chance of getting our email address if I post 3 messages in this forum. What have you been up to for the past 10 years? Are you married? ... read on.
Posted by: Rikke Rochat Comments: 0

Hi does anyone have eva'a email address? Is she still the vlounteer leader?... read on.
Posted by: Warren Fleming Comments: 3

Hey there Kim, did you recieve my messages? I dont know, it looks like the site isnt working out fine on my computers. I dont know. If you want to send me a messag, please ... read on.
Posted by: David Schaffner Comments: 5

Hi. This is Roberto from Guatemala, whoever still remembers me, and would like to keep in touch now is the chance to do that. I was at the kibbutz between 2000 and 2003, i have ... read on.
Posted by: Roberto Munoz Comments: 3

I've only just read how to exchange details. I was wondering what you were talking about 'uplifting photos'. Thought you were bonkers! I have some great ones taken on Sarid. I might have a go ... read on.
Posted by: Kirsty Winning Comments: 1

Hi Kirsty, lets see what happens here apparantly if we post more than three msgs on the chat forum we can exchange details...... read on.
Posted by: Arlo Poole Comments: 0

Hey Kristy, not sure if you got my reply message. Good to hear from you. Email me back at. I was in contact w/Eva, Aaron UK, Kate UK(don't know if you knew her though) but ... read on.
Posted by: Ed Cavino Comments: 4

what happened to all the volenteers from Kibbutz Sarid march-june 1997???? I've found one or two on this site but I'm not 100% sure. please respond.....yalla yalla!... read on.
Posted by: Thomas Jepsen Comments: 0

Kibbutz Sarid 1975... read on.
Posted by: Ron Gould Comments: 2

Jepp.. Its gone ten years, and then I found this sight, this bring back alot of memorys. hehehehe I Have already found one of my "lost amigos" Jepp this is fun.... Lots of Hugs from ... read on.
Posted by: Ellen Collin Comments: 1

simply steve calling all sarid mates. Give us a line , post a message!!!!!!!!!!!!! and load up some photos please Ill try to scan in some photos and put them up. peace and love... read on.
Posted by: Steve Ford Comments: 3

Anyone started up a sarid volunteers website? Or have photos we can have a look at!!!!... read on.
Posted by: Steve Ford Comments: 1

Michael Chamish has a very funny CD recorded while we were at Sarid. Brings back memories of the Ulpan days...... read on.
Posted by: Lori Steinberg Comments: 0

Do you remember toasting bread on the portable heaters?... read on.
Posted by: Comments: 4

Michael, After Gilda and I left how much longer did you stay at Sarid?... read on.
Posted by: Comments: 0

within a few minutes I found two people I want to contact from kibbutz Sarid =D... read on.
Posted by: Ejal De Klerk Comments: 0

Kerrie if you are reading this - it's amazing to find you again. Whenever I think of all the people I met while I was in Israel you always stand out. We had so many ... read on.
Posted by: Ejal De Klerk Comments: 2

Me again, doing my 2nd posting! I'm interested to get in contact with everyone who's been on Kibbutz Sarid between 1997 and 1999. Let's establish an email list and see if we change exchange more ... read on.
Posted by: Sofia Nordblom Comments: 3

Hi all! I'm so happy I found this site. Internet is amazing. Drop me a line and tell me how you're doing? Love Sofia... read on.
Posted by: Sofia Nordblom Comments: 2

Hi! Roberto. What a small world it is! I did not even expect anyone to response my comment. Anyway, do you like living in Spain? I am in Reading in US. Have you heard about ... read on.
Posted by: Kyoungseuk Park Comments: 0

I think that is one advantage of living in Europe, all those people are so much closer and the memories are more "fresh". Here is RSA there are not that many people that I know ... read on.
Posted by: Neil Bakker Comments: 1

Hi Joanne, yes it's really amazing how small the world all of a sudden is.I found this site through Sheila Lerner(Smoler) remember her? How are you, where do you live and what are you doing?Do ... read on.
Posted by: Iris Stauffer Comments: 3

hey guys,anyone who knows me i wanna invite to a reunion im trying 2 organize.please let me know where u are and wot ur doin,so we can try to make it happen! lee... read on.
Posted by: Lee Goodgame Comments: 2

hey there anyone usiing this site that was on sarid between 97 and 2000 then get in touch! would be great to hear from the best volunteers that sarid has ever had! lots of love ... read on.
Posted by: Lee Goodgame Comments: 3


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