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1986 was a helluva year because: Worst nuclear disaster ever in Chernobyl, USSR and we shuffled our feet to "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out - The Smiths" Download Now
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Kibbutz Bet Oren 1986

Israel Middle East
Kibbutz Bet Oren Amigos 1986. Recognise anyone?
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When the fire began I was at work when I saw that massive plume of smoke 40 kilometers to the north. Initially I thought that a huge factory had blown up but if soon became ... read on.
Posted by: Andy Routledge Comments: 0

It's in the news and on the net. Part of Beit Oren has been distroyed by fire. It's been keeping me up half the night, surging for news, words, pictures. Memories come back stronger than ... read on.
Posted by: Bert Groeneveld Comments: 2

Introducing the New Events/Reunion Feature! Planning a Kibbutz Bet Oren Reunion? Use the new Events & Reunion Organiser on LostAmigos to help you get things going. Simply click on 'Events' and complete the form. Enjoy... read on.
Posted by: LostAmigos Admin Comments: 0

Hi Oded, I don't know if you'll get this message as you didn't seem to get the others. If you do , contact me direct on my email Just read that you have 5 ... read on.
Posted by: Lisa Evans Comments: 0

Hi Marianne & Bert! Bert, I think one of the people you were looking for was Vince who's my brother . He was on the Kibboutz after me. Let me know & I can give ... read on.
Posted by: Lisa Evans Comments: 3

I'll never forget the time that I spent in this kibbutz. Lots of laughs, and lots of great people. I know you too, remember the good times, Bert, have you had any contact with others? ... read on.
Posted by: Marianne Nyblom Comments: 1


VOTES RESULTS FOR COUNTRY the furteh back in time you go the highe up the waste ourt shortys were . today they atre round our butt cheks so we calculate that in fiv yearsd time... short will be round our ancle which has been a fashoin for some lostamigo for some time

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