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Holiday & Travel, Expats & Backpackers & Kibbutz & Moshav Friends Reunited. Even Pen Pals & Red Coats are in.


Statistics• Place Type: Kibbutz/Moshav
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From whenst they came

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Kibbutz Bet Zera

Israel Middle East
Kibbutz Bet Zera Amigos . Recognise anyone?
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hi myself(patrick) and bruce were at the kibutz twice in 95, miss everyone we met, love to hear from you!... read on.
Posted by: patrick thomas Comments: 0

Planning a Kibbutz Bet Zera Reunion? Use the new Events & Reunion Organiser on LostAmigos to help you get things going. Simply click on 'Events' and complete the form. Enjoy... read on.
Posted by: LostAmigos Admin Comments: 0

Well i'v been checking this site for a couple of years now & good to see more of you finding it lol, Surely you can't forget the mad Manchester lad who just had to have ... read on.
Posted by: Jason Worth Comments: 0

i lost contact with Sweet JANE RIZZO, does anyone know where she might be? thanks... read on.
Posted by: Sean O'Farrell Comments: 0

wow cant beleive i found this site! it would be wicked to hear from anyone i met on the kibbutz 93/94. A reunion sounds like a marvellous idea! I have amazing memories from them times ... read on.
Posted by: Daniel O'Connor Comments: 1

Hey, I'm looking for volunteers who were on Kibbutz Bet Zera in the first three months of 1980!... read on.
Posted by: Mark Burnham Comments: 9

To All Beit zera volenteers, we are planning a volenteer reunion party at Beit zera around march 2007. Trying to track down as many old volenteers as possible. It will be an unforgettable experience. If ... read on.
Posted by: Debbie Ohayon Comments: 5

Still trying to figure it out.... read on.
Posted by: Lindy-Ann Steyn Comments: 1

Though Itsik, volunteer god, only liked giving the guys their own rooms, he let me live in the single room complete with red light and mirror on ceiling for the last months of my stay... ... read on.
Posted by: Lindy-Ann Steyn Comments: 3

Is anyone in Canada interested in having a reunion sometime?? I'm willing to help organise if so. Please reply.... read on.
Posted by: Gabi Sela Comments: 2

Do you remember the fancy boutique that Itzik ran in front of his office for the volunteers? I must say the Versace collection was impecable! I wonder if he is still selling Louis Vouton bags?? ... read on.
Posted by: Gabi Sela Comments: 1

Does anyone remember after the disco when we had to climb through the milk passage into the fridge for our 'after disco munchies'??... read on.
Posted by: Gabi Sela Comments: 1

Hey guys! I was in Bet Zera in 91-92. Had a blast and can surely say that it was still one of the best (if not the best) time of my life! Met tons of ... read on.
Posted by: Vincent Soto Comments: 2

Please upload pics! Most of mine are too large, but I added a couple that I had from long ago. Allen... read on.
Posted by: Allen Lash Comments: 2

Greetings all former volunteers! Do you miss the days of lounging around the volunteers' quarters after work? Maybe taking a nap before dinner and then on to the pub for some serious socializing? I do! ... read on.
Posted by: Allen Lash Comments: 4

Please post those special moments and messages here... read on.
Posted by: Lostamigos Admin Comments: 2


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