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1981 was a helluva year because: Israel annexes the disputed Golan Heights territory and we shuffled our feet to "Girls on Film - Duran Duran " Download Now
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Kibbutz Givat Hayyim Meuhad (Haim Meuhad) 1981

Israel Middle East
Kibbutz Givat Hayyim Meuhad Amigos 1981. Recognise anyone?
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I am sad to hear that Pdut has passed away. She was a great friend & did so much for the volunteers. Roger, I presume you're English Roger, who was living with her daughter, do ... read on.
Posted by: fred01234567 fred01234567 Comments: 0

Hi I have to tell you that Pdut died on Monday morning 17th June at 1 am. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her. Roger... read on.
Posted by: rogerskstevens rogerskstevens Comments: 1

Hi evryone, I came to the kibbutz in december 79 en stayed till sept. 80. Lorraine was our workmanager and I still have fond memories of cheesecake at P'duts, driving my tractor to pick up ... read on.
Posted by: Harry Hommes Comments: 3

Halo, I am Richard, I was in Israel between 1974 and 1980. The best years I ever had. all the best to you... read on.
Posted by: richard Remmerswaal Comments: 1

How you all going? I was a volunteer in Givat Haim Meuchad on and off from 91 - 98. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. My name is Andy Alexander from New ... read on.
Posted by: Andy Alexander Comments: 4

It was 1984 I was last at Givat Hayyim, the new Dining building had been completed a few months. Can anyone tell me if the Kibbutz have a web page at all, or even let ... read on.
Posted by: Mark Penn Comments: 4

duncan (eng) nick (eng) adam (eng) mabrit (dk)... read on.
Posted by: Claus Jepsen Comments: 1

I misss the kibbutz. Was there several times. Last time in 1980, when I was Volunteer Work Manager. David Wicker, Yanecke Wyller, P'dut, anybody are you out there? Am now very involved in Temple leadership, ... read on.
Posted by: Lorraine Rhodes Comments: 13

Hiya Floppy .....its Amo! :D... read on.
Posted by: Dave Armstrong Comments: 5


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