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"Ze tightness of your shorts equals ze square route of your age." Einstein.
Meanwhile, in the real world, 1978 was a helluva year because...

  • Rhodesias Prime Minister Ian D. Smith and three black leaders agree on transfer to black majority rule
  • Former Italian Premier Aldo Moro kidnapped by left wing terrorists, who kill five bodyguards (March 16); he is found slain
  • Pope Paul VI , dead at 80, mourned (Aug. 6); new Pope, John Paul I, 65, dies unexpectedly after 34 days in office (Sept. 28); succeeded by Karol Cardinal Wojtyla of Poland as John Paul II
  • [Framework for Peace] in Middle East signed by Egypts President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Premier Menachem Begin after 13-day conference at Camp David led by President Jimmy Carter
  • World Cup: Argentina 3 Holland 1
  • Sony introduces the Walkman, the first portable stereo.
  • Louise Brown, the first test-tube baby, is born at Oldham Hostpital in London.Where is she now?
  • A fusion reaction in a reactor at Princeton reaches 60 million degrees Fahrenheit for 1/20 of a second.
  • Three Albuquerque, NM, men, Ben Abruzzo, Larry Newman, and Maxie Anderson, make the first successful transatlantic balloon flight in the helium-filled Double Eagle II.
Ooohhh be still my dancing feet..

They don't make em like they used to..

  • The Deer Hunter
  • Midnight Express
  • Heaven Can Wait
  • Coming Home
  • The Buddy Holly
  • Eraserhead
  • Halloween
  • Superman

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